Video Game Genres That Are Currently Thriving

Video Game Genres That Are Currently Thriving 2022

Video games have reached their peak. The gaming industry is booming like never before, and playing video games has become one of the most practiced activities around the globe. Everyone seems to be playing video games in one form or another, and no matter what your interests are, it’s safe to say that there’s a video game out there for everyone. The range of genres we can see in today’s video games is incredible, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equal. A few particular video game genres seem to be killing it right now, so if you’re looking for something new to try out, here’s what you can go for.

Casino Games

It might seem surprising to those that aren’t too familiar with the real money gaming scene, but casino games have been on a fast rise to fame in the last couple of years. With excellent websites like casino NetBet stepping up to bring a variety of games to their platform, casino fans have been enjoying high-quality entertainment. From classics like Roulette and Poker to modern versions of old-school slot games, these websites have it all.

Casino games have always been pretty popular, but with their move to the digital space, they’ve managed to grow exponentially. It’s easy to see why these games are such a hit with lots of players. The real money gaming element is a big part of their success, but another big reason of its popularity is their excellent features. Live Casino games, for example, offer an immersive casino experience where players can interact with a real-life dealer in real-time!

Casino GAMES

Horror Games

The horror genre in video games has a long, long history. If you look at horror games through the years, it’s easy to see that the popularity of these games spikes massively every few years, followed by a period of somewhat decent, yet stifled success. Right now, horror is seeing one of those big spikes again. With so many top-notch horror titles being released in the past few years, it’s no surprise to see people enjoying the adrenaline rush of a good fright.

What might surprise some people, however, is which horror games are the biggest hits at the moment. Judging by the current masters of horror, it seems all of us are big suckers for nostalgia these days. The most praised horror video games released recently include the Resident Evil 2 remake and Doom: Eternal! These new takes on old-school classics are incredible even when we take off our nostalgia goggles, so if you’re looking to try one of these masterpieces out, you can find a cracked PC version of Doom Eternal right here!

Horror Games

Fantasy Games

This modern storytelling medium is the perfect way for us to dive into new worlds where everything is possible. Of course, this sentiment is most obvious when the popularity of fantasy games comes into play. As you probably already know, fantasy games have always been insanely popular. From the legendary days of World of Warcraft in the early 2000s to our modern obsession with games like the Witcher, fantasy is a fan-favorite genre that everyone seems to love.

Fantasy Games

Whether you’re a sucker for the classic fantasy trope of sword and sorcery or the more modern take of contemporary fantasy, the genre is an undeniably exciting trip that all of us want to go on. Thankfully, fantasy games are a dime a dozen, so finding a top-notch RPG to play is not only easy but often pretty inexpensive as well.

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