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Rattlesnake Ridge 2024: Three miles south of Yakima, close to Union Gap, geologists are tracking the slide occurrence with a robot. According to Mike Tonkel of the Washington Geological Survey, a three-dimensional (3D) model of the landslide’s course is produced by combining computer calculations and the robot’s photos. Although the movement is slowing down, it is still possible that the Rattlesnake Ridge master landslide could accelerate and fail unexpectedly. Seismologist Steve Malone of PNSN, which keeps an eye on timber Rattlesnake Ridge, thinks the decline won’t stop until it does. It is difficult to forecast with precision when the landslide will end. You Can Also Download Movavi Video Editor

Rattlesnake Ridge 2022 Crack

Rattlesnake Ridge landslide near Union Gap continues.

In Washington State USA the Cascade Range includes a significant portion known as Rattlesnake Ridge. About 25 miles south of North Bend, there is a place that goes up to around 3,400 feet above sea level. The ridge is named after the rattlesnakes that used to live there, but now there are not many left.

The most impressive thing about Rattlesnake Ridge is the big rock wall that goes for over two miles along the eastern side of the ridge. Climbers love to come here because of the large rock. There are lots of different ways to climb it so it is good for beginners and experts. In addition it offers stunning views of the Cascade Range mountains and Snoqualmie Valley in the surrounding area.

Many hikers like to go to Timber Rattlesnake Ridge because there are lots of trails that go to the top. The Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is very popular. It is a 4 mile hike that has amazing views of the Snoqualmie Valley and the mountains nearby. Many people from the area and tourists like to hike this trail.

Rattlesnake Ridge landslide near Union Gap continues.

Rattlesnake Ridge bite is pretty and has many different kinds of animals. You can see birds like bald eagles ospreys and hawks and also animals like deer and elk. There are also numerous kinds of plants at this place, including wildflowers and ferns.

Even though baby Rattlesnake Ridge is pretty, it has had many landslides lately. In 2018 a big crack showed up on the side of the rock worrying people about whether the slope was safe. This caused the diamondback Rattlesnake Ledge Trail to be closed and a lot of research to be done to see if there is a risk of landslides.

In general Diamondback Rattlesnake Ridge is a beautiful and famous part of the Cascade Range.This location is ideal for hiking and climbing, with a diverse array of flora and fauna. The area may have some access limits because of landslides but it is still a favorite place for people who love the outdoors and nature.

In Rattlesnake Ridge near Union Gap, WA, a piece of land is slowly sliding south at a rate of 0. 7 feet per week. At the end of May 2018, the slide was moving about 1. 5 feet every week. It had reached a peak speed of 1. 6 feet per week between January and April 2018. The rocks are sliding on top of softer material in a big sideways motion. In the beginning, the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said there would be a big landslide in March. This made Yakima County and Union Gap declare a state of emergency.

When will the moderate moving slide genuinely give way?

Nobody can accurately predict when the “failure event” will occur. At first, people thought it would happen between January and March, but the timing keeps changing as we get more information. According to DNR spokesperson Joe Smillie, experts are no longer able to make exact predictions about when the slide might happen because it is moving slowly. Because the slide is not speeding up like it was before, experts are finding it hard to figure out when it will happen. Recent discoveries by a team of engineers chosen by the state found that the landslide might move slowly for a long time instead of falling all at once. Officials are thinking about whether to keep watching it but they have not made a decision yet. You Can Also Download Letasoft Sound Booster

Where will the slide go?

The landslide will keep going south, and most of the dirt and rocks will fall into a big hole and collect there. Most of the rocks will stay in the hole, but a few might fall around it and could even end up on Thorp Road. In this situation, it’s not expected that the landslide will cause any problems for I-82 or the Yakima River. In a rare situation, the landslide could go past the pit and reach I-82. It is very unlikely, but the landslide could possibly go past I-82 and reach the Yakima River. It is very unlikely, but the landslide could slide to the west and block both I-82 and the Yakima River.

Rattlesnake Ridge 2022 Crack

What caused these breaks and moderate moving slides?

Preparing emergency responses is the current priority; the inquiry into the sources of the fissures is not yet open. Theoretical reports are now under debate. The Anderson Quarry, which has been excavating minerals for asphalt manufacturing since 1995, has been called into doubt in certain studies. A portion of the ridge may have become unstable as a result of the quarrying however the Washington Department of Natural Resources has not confirmed this to KIRO 7 News.  Aerial pictures from the 1970s reveal evidence of the cracks, which have gotten worse over time, according to state geologists. The current slide might be the reactivation of an earlier slide with a similar reason, albeit this is still theoretical.

To what degree are the geography-related components?

The landslide, according to the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is made up of Columbia River Basalt flows that are sliding across a softer sedimentary layer that is at a 15-degree angle toward the quarry.

When did the torrential slide start happening at this event?

A pilot in the area found fissures in the ridge in October. After learning about the 200 foot deep crack the engineers and geologists stopped mining activities and installed monitoring equipment. The fissures have gotten wider and new ones have emerged since the October report, and a large amount of boulders and debris have been sliding down the slope. The landslide is increasing speed every day and is moving south at a rate of 1.6 feet per week.Until there is a significant movement of that mass, the slide will continue to widen and grow, stated Horace Ward, the OEM’s senior emergency coordinator.

What could change the circumstances?

Heavy snow and quick melting can make landslides happen faster, which could cause problems right away. But most of the time it is not because of rain. KIRO 7 News weather expert Morgan Palmer says there probably won’t be a lot of heavy rain in the area at the end of winter. The slide is creating doubts for people. “Palmer said he expects the slide to change only if there is a fairly big rain or snowfall. ”

This situation is very different from the Oso landslide. The Oso landslide happened because the soil was very wet from a lot of rain for a long time. The area near Rattlesnake Ridge gets less rain than the wetter areas on the west side of the Cascades. Rain and snow would probably only cause problems during very severe weather.

So this won’t look like Oso?

After talking to smart people, the officials in Washington state believe the Rattlesnake Ridge landslide is not the same as the Oso landslide that killed 43 people almost three years ago. Geologists told KIRO 7 that the landslide in Oso was caused by mud, while the movement at Rattlesnake Ridge involved solid rock. Rain is now causing problems for the Oso Slide. Water doesn’t seem to have caused the Rattlesnake Ridge landslide, said Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz. This one gives us a better chance to get ready know what is going on and deal with it. New video from the sky shows a big split on Rattlesnake Ridge in Yakima County. The slow landslide poses a threat to the surrounding area. The video, first shown in the Yakima Herald, shows that a split was found in October and has gotten bigger, now covering about 20 acres. The slide is moving at the same speed of 1. 6 feet per week since December 20, as per a spokesperson from the Washington Department of Geological Resources. Yakima County and Union Gap city say it’s an emergency. The experts say they think a landslide won’t happen until late January to early March.

Where is the torrential slide?

The arkansas Rattlesnake Ridge is located in the Rattlesnake Hills about three miles south of Yakima, WA. The main problem is up there, where Columbia Asphalt is running a quarry to the north. Thorp Road is next to the quarry on the south and west side.

Has the torrential slide recently happened?

Currently, the landslide is proceeding southward in the direction of the quarry.  Around the beginning of October 2017, significant fissures in the earth above the quarry were first observed, suggesting the possibility of a landslide. There are currently monitoring devices there and mining operations have stopped.

What is the geography there Rattlesnake Ridge 2024?

A portion of the Rattlesnake Hills anticline is where the landslide is made up of Columbia River Basalt flows that are sliding over a softer sedimentary layer. At a pitch of around 15 degrees, the sedimentary layer is dipping (inclining) toward the quarry. Water does not seem to have much of an impact on this landslide.

What is the geology of their Rattlesnake Ridge 2024?

The amazing slide occurs on a segment of the Rattlesnake Hills fault anticline (fold), where Columbia River Basalt flows tumble over a firmly brittle sedimentary layer. At the quarry, the sedimentary stratum has a about 15-degree slope. This large slide does not seem to be related to water.

Conclusion About Rattlesnake Ridge 2024

It is thought by geologists and engineers keeping an eye on the situation at Rattlesnake Ridge in 2024 that the landslide will probably continue to move southward, piling material close to the quarry. Within the quarry area, rockfall is anticipated in this scenario. Rocks will accumulate around the original slide’s base, possibly slowing and ultimately ending the process of significant slide development. Thorp Road, which has been blocked by Yakima County since late December 2017 as a precaution, may be impacted by additional rockfall to the west and south.

Other extremely unlikely scenarios include the big slide accelerating swiftly and reaching I-82; still other scenarios have the landslide rapidly advancing and reaching I-82, damaging homes south of the quarry and maybe reaching the Yakima River. Monitoring devices will detect these less likely circumstances early on, giving emergency management important information. Plans and safety precautions are in place in case monitoring data indicates that this might occur.

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What is the significance of the name Rattlesnake Lake?

Following an odd experience, Seattle pioneer Arthur A. Denny named Rattlesnake Lake and Rattlesnake Ridge. The road surveyor was reportedly frightened by the sound of seed pods rattling on the adjacent prairie and thought he was being attacked by a rattlesnake. But the surveyor was unaware that Western Washington was devoid of poisonous snakes.

Rattlesnake Lake is situated in what state?

Outside the hydrologic boundaries of the Cedar River Municipal Watershed, in North Bend, lies the day-use area known as the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Facility. The lake is close to Interstate 90 exit 32, about 3 miles southeast of North Bend and 35 miles east of Seattle.

Where is Rattlesnake Ridge, Washington?

South of North Bend, Washington, in the United States, Rattlesnake Ridge, part of Rattlesnake Mountain, is referred to by the Snoqualmie people as “data”.

Is there a snake in Rattlesnake Lake?

Overview of Rattlesnake Ridge: There are no snakes on Rattlesnake Ridge Rattlesnake Ledge Rattlesnake Mountain or Rattlesnake Lake. North Bend/Upper Snoqualmie Valley history tells of vast, grassy meadows where the sound of the wind rustling the dry grass resembled rattlesnakes.

Is swimming permitted at Rattlesnake Ridge? Many people come to the lake to enjoy it during the summer. As fishing and motorboats are prohibited on the lake, kayakers and swimmers will find this to be an excellent location. Starting close to the north-side parking lot of the lake is the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail.

A hiking trail called Rattlesnake Ridge is located close to North Bend, Washington, in the United States. The following are some pros and cons of hiking Rattlesnake Ridge:

Key Features:

  • Beautiful views: Hikers and lovers of the outdoors are drawn to Rattlesnake Ridge because it provides amazing vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  • Hiking Trail: The moderately difficult Rattlesnake Ridge hiking trail is approximately 4 kilometers in total. It provides a tough climb up the hill through forested areas with breathtaking vistas.
  • Rock Climbing: There are a number of routes accessible for experienced climbers on Rattlesnake Ridge, making it a popular destination for rock climbers.
  • Wildlife: A variety of animals including coyotes elk and deer can be found in the region surrounding Rattlesnake Ridge. Hikers must use caution and the proper safety precautions.
  • Historical Significance: Because Native American tribes used Rattlesnake Ridge for hunting and gathering, it has historical significance.


  • Beautiful Views: Rattlesnake Ridge has stunning views of the nearby mountains and valleys, which many hikers love to see.
  • Easily Followed Path: The Rattlesnake Ridge trail is in good condition and has clear signs, so hikers can easily follow it.
  • Medium Difficulty: The Rattlesnake Ridge trail is somewhat challenging, with a steady uphill slope that hikers of any experience level can handle.
  • Accessibility: It’s easy to get to Rattlesnake Ridge from Seattle, so visitors can easily go there.
  • Wildlife: People walking on Rattlesnake Ridge might see deer, elk, and many kinds of birds.


  • Crowds: The trail at Rattlesnake Ridge, a well-liked hiking destination, can get crowded, particularly on weekends and holidays.
  • Parking: Parking is limited at the Rattlesnake Ridge trailhead, making it challenging to locate a space at the busiest times of the hiking season.
  • Weather: Because the weather on Rattlesnake Ridge is erratic, hikers should be ready for rain, snow, or other bad weather.
  • Trail erosion: The Rattlesnake Ridge trail has seen some erosion as a result of its popularity, especially on the steeper parts.
  • Safety: On Rattlesnake Ridge, hikers should be mindful of potential risks such as sharp drops and wildlife encounters.All things considered Rattlesnake Ridge provides breathtaking views a well maintained trail and an attractive and easily accessible hiking experience. On the other hand, guests should be ready for possible crowds, scarce parking, and unpredictable weather. When tracking here, you must use caution and follow the appropriate safety precautions.

How to Install Rattlesnake Ridge?

Easily accessible, Rattlesnake Ridge is an outdoor location in Washington State, USA. To arrange your vacation, follow these steps:

  • Research: Investigate the location before you travel, taking note of the hiking trails, rock climbing routes, and any fees or permissions that may be necessary.
  • Arrange Your Travels: Based on your research, choose a date, make travel arrangements, and prepare the required equipment and materials. How to Find the Trailhead: Take a car to the Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area trailhead. There is guest parking available in the lot.
  • Traverse the Hiking Trail: To get to Rattlesnake Ridge, hike the designated trail. It’s a moderately strenuous 4-mile round trip.
  • Enjoy the Destination: If you’re a rock climber, explore Rattlesnake Ridge and enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Leave No Trace: Remember to pack out all waste and adhere to the Leave No Trace guidelines in order to leave the area tidy.If you prepare ahead of time visiting Rattlesnake Ridge can be a fulfilling outdoor experience.

System Requirements:

In Washington State, USA, Rattlesnake Ridge is a well-liked location for rock climbing and hiking. The following are some general suggestions for guests:

  • Physical Fitness: With a 1,160-foot elevation increase, the hiking trail at Rattlesnake Ridge is moderate to difficult. Make sure you’re ready for several hours of hiking and that your physical condition is good.
  • Proper Gear: The right equipment includes sunscreen, water, snacks, and hiking-specific apparel and boots. Rock climbers should be equipped with the right gear and have some experience.
  • Transportation: A car is required to reach the trailhead at Rattlesnake Ridge, which is approximately 35 miles east of Seattle.
  • Weather: Before you go, check the forecast. In the winter, snow and ice can make the trek hazardous or challenging.

All things considered, be ready for a strenuous outdoor adventure at Rattlesnake Ridge and take the appropriate safety and enjoyment precautions.


A well-liked recreational attraction in Washington State, USA, Rattlesnake Ridge is renowned for its strenuous hiking trails, routes for rock climbing, and gorgeous scenery. In addition to having the right equipment and supplies for their outdoor trip, visitors should be in good physical condition.

Although arkansas Rattlesnake Ridge is a stunning location visitors should be aware of the risks involved including the possibility of changing weather and the presence of rattlesnakes. To protect the environment for future visitors it is imperative that you take the appropriate safety measures and adhere to the Leave No Trace philosophy.

In conclusion Rattlesnake Ridge provides outdoor enthusiasts with a satisfying experience for those seeking adventure and breathtaking scenery. By taking the appropriate precautions and planning visitors may take advantage of everything Rattlesnake Ridge has to offer in a safe and responsible manner.

Rattlesnake Ridge 2022 Crack

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